Wet Bag! What's a Wet Bag?!

PUL Fabric obsession part II:

Here's the next thing I've made with my new favorite utility fabric. It's a Wet Bag! For me, it's been super useful for storing wet swim suits in after we leave the pool or fountains. Keeps the other stuff in my bag from getting soggy. Yuck! And, it's machine washable, so if you have a major emergency while out and about, you can put that nasty diaper inside here and protect the rest of your stuff.

It's such a great bag! Here's the tutorial I followed. Have fun with it! It's sooooo super easy, and you can change things up, like the strap placement (if you look closely, there's a strap that goes right across the top).


  1. So what is PUL fabric, and where can I find it?

  2. It's polyurethane laminate fabric. You can get it at most fabric stores. I know JoAnn's carries it, and most stores have at least white. :) Fun!