Snack Bag Tutorial

Have any of you entered the wonderful world of PUL fabric? I just recently discovered this amazing stuff, and my life will never be the same! It can be used for making cloth diapers, but that's just the beginning of it's possibilies. How many times have I reached into my diaper bag, only to find something a bit damp from grapes, wipes, a wet swimsuit, etc...

So, here's one thing that PUL has done for me! I have been wanting to make these cute reusable snack bags for all of the little lady's snacks I bring to church or just have in my purse. These work great, and she LOVES putting her finger through the ribbon, and toting it around the store with her. :) My super talented friend, Emily, has a great tutorial on her blog.

Here's a view of the PUL. Though it's white, with white velcro, I'm afraid you can't really see it. But, it helps keeps my purse dry!

Check back tomorrow, and I'll show you another great thing PUL has done for me...

I shared this tutorial at Sun Scholars!

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