Crayon Roll

I had a truly inspirational dream about a better (and cuter) way to store A's crayons! It stemmed from a little tool kit, we keep in the trunk of our car, that holds the tools vertically, then rolls into a nice tight pouch. I thought this would be perfect for crayons, and could change everything we know about crayon storage!

The next morning, I checked to see if anyone else had thought of this before, and sure enough, Skip To My Lou was all over that, complete with a tutorial and measurements! First search result, and I found a winner! So I followed the tutorial and made this little puppy.

Isn't bedhead the greatest! She loves it, and it fits in my church bag so neatly.
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Hairbow and Headband Storage

Last week was a stormy week in most of the country, it seems. Here in the midwest, and especially in the eastern states, we experienced freezing rain. This pic shows how each individual needle on the pine tree out back was frozen solid! When St Louis gets storms, or if someone mentions the word "storm," the whole city shuts down. Nobody leaves their homes. Kind of exciting right?! For our "snow days," the man was home, so we caught up on some family time, and I crafted while he played with the little one.

I'd been wanting to figure something out with my daughter's hairbow and headband storage, because we had been late for church one too many times, in the name of hair fashion! It was just too hard to see my options when they were stuffed in a plastic box. This is what I came up with!
I found this idea on this Aly & Ash blog. Sorry the pics are not too pretty- it was so dark and gloomy outside!

The font is from my Cricut, Winter Wonderland cartridge.

For her headbands (and mine also), I made this in about 5 minutes.

Just an oatmeal canister(that I've been hoarding "just in case I need it"), covered in pretty paper! Her stretchy headbands fit inside nicely, and the sturdy and more fragile ones are nicely formed to the outside! I was super stoked about this because I've had to repair that feather one sooo many times from it getting squished in a drawer. :)
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