Kindle Cover Tutorial

You can imagine the thrill that filled my heart when I unwrapped my gift from Grandma Carrie, and found a beautiful, sleek Kindle resting peacefully in it's packaging! So many possibilities with this puppy. LOVE IT!
It's equally easy to imagine how stoked I was to hurry home and make a little case for my new literary gem.

I have been in love with this bohemian fabric for a while, and knew it would be perfect for my case. Junie Moon already did all the measuring and troubleshooting for me in this tutorial, so I followed it and ended up with a case that I'm super happy with (and, you can't beat the price- about 2 bucks!).

I decided to add a ribbon as an accent, but other than that, I followed Junie's directions.

She also has an awesome laptop sleeve tutorial that has had some great responses. :)