Toddler Halloween Skirt & Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

This skirt was so incredibly easy, and I made it in just over an hour. Totally worth your time, because it'll be stinkin adorable on your little lady!

It's just three panels, basted and gathered , then sewn to one another. The waistband is just a casing with 1/2" elastic. I'm so happy with it! I made it just big enough that she'll be able to wear it two (maybe three) Halloweens.
This trick-or-treating bucket was super easy too. It's a re-purposed ice cream bucket (not too hard to come by for me) covered in black felt, and stamped with a template from my Cricut. Her name is on the other side. I lined the top of the bucket with ribbon, then tied ribbon knots all along the handle. Super quick, super cute, and would be a fun craft with older kids who can tie knots! Can be used year after year.


Halloween Wreath

 I am on a wreath kick.  I love them...I want them...I NEED them...
So I decided I would make my own Halloween wreath.
All you need is:
a wreath frame,
black satin ribbon,
funky Halloween color ribbon.

First, wrap the black satin ribbon around the wreath frame.  Don't underestimate how much ribbon this takes.  I used about 20 yards.

Next, take all your fun colors and cut them in pieces about 6 inches long.  I would cut one first and tie it around the wreath to make sure it's the length you want before cutting all the ribbon.

Then tie the ribbon in knots all the way around the frame.  You don't have to go in an order or follow a pattern.  I just used whatever piece of ribbon I though would look good.

And.... ta-da!  You get a funky little wreath perfect for greeting those little trick-or-treaters!


I'm Committed!

With Christmas just 96 quick days away, I've got to step up my game! My mom has always been so amazing with her Christmas planning; finishing up her main Christmas shopping by Halloween, it seems. She's always as cool as a cucumber all Thanksgiving, and gets to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas because she's so pulled together.

My hope is to be basically ready by Thanksgiving this year. To achieve this, I've got to get started now (since my favorite gifts to give [and to receive, by the way] are handmade)! Alexis' main gift from us is going to be a table playhouse. These are not a new idea, so our generation of mommies can't take credit for this idea. Check out this Vogue pattern from the 1970s!

I'm sure you've seen these all over blog land, and I've fallen head-over-heels for this one from Homemade By Jill.

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?

I love the idea of using felt because you don't have to finish edges, and it's so much easier to add embellishments that kids can detach, thanks to velcro, and actually play with. I'm considering making the body out of a cotton material, then adding the felt accents to that.

Thoughts? Tips?

All her little carrots, ears of corn, and apples come off. I love it!

I'm confident Alexis would get hours and hours of play-time with hers. And, it's so much cuter than that cardboard box she played in for 6 months!

The cute girl at Sew Much Ado made this adorable one for her little boy. Boys need playhouses too!