Baby Shower Banner

I absolutely LOVE these banners! I threw a shower for an adorable friend this past weekend, and decided to go with another triangle banner. I also downloaded these gorgeous vintage number cards from The Handmade Home freebies page to add to the bunting. I love them! Also fell in love the with alphabet card collection. Gorgeous! I'll be adding these to my nursery, for sure.
Please pardon the picture with most of the food eaten! I always forget to take a picture before the guests begin to eat!

Makes me smile. :)


Card Event- February

We're back! Holy smokes. My apologies for the two month (plus) sabbatical from this lovely blog! For those of you who don't know, I am expecting our second little girl (squeal!), who is due in May, on Mother's Day. So I have to sincerely bow down to all you mommies where morning sickness / nausea is a given with each pregnancy. Holy smokes!!!! It totally wiped me out! This is my first experience with it, and wow, it's a beast. So, during those weeks of sickness, it was all I could do to be a somewhat fun mommy and wife, and to show up to the class I taught a couple hours a week with a lesson plan and my students' papers graded.

So, with that wussy explanation, I hope you'll forgive me, and begin to visit our blog again regularly. I'm happy to be back! :)

February's card event was super awesome! Our theme was a classic "Thank You" theme, which is always needed in my card box. Very creative things these girls came up with!

Thank YOU girls for these cuties!