Crayon Wreath Tutorial

Remember how I love wreaths? Well, when my little guy's preschool teacher's birthday rolled around, I thought I should make her a wreath. I had seen crayon wreaths all over the Internet so I tried it out.
Here's what you will need.

2 Embroidery Hoops: Different sizes. Make sure the difference in size will accommodate the lenghth of the crayon being glued to each.
Box of Crayons: The number of crayons will depend on the size of your hoops. 96 crayons were perfect for my project.
Hot Glue Gun
Cute Ribbon: I used ribbon with a ruler print for a school setting.

First, I divided my crayon colors into groups because I prefer my colors on the wreath to nicely transition into one another.

Next, I started gluing the crayons onto the hoops by color. I did a dot of glue on each hoop where the crayon should be placed and stuck them on! Make sure that the flat parts of the crayons are closer together than the pointy tips.
Continue with the gluing all the way to the end and... Ta-Da!
I got a little careless around the greenish area so I ended up with a little funky looking section, so be sure to line your crayons up on your wreath more like the orange and red sections pictured above. Good luck!

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