Quiet Book Project- Round II

Take a look at these beauties! I did a second round of the Quiet Book Project with my friends from college, and WOW, are they impressive!!!

I love all the different skills they focus on, and especially the imaginary play they promote!

Barn with animal finger puppets
By: Marek

Summer Tree
by: Nyoka

Clothesline and basket
by: Becca

Getting Dressed page
by: Janae

by: Tori
Finshing Pole with magnetic fish
by: Stacie

Monster with changeable faces
by: Mitzi

Ice Cream cones
by: Jan

Can you believe these?! Ridiculous! Thank you so much, girls. My kiddo's quiet book is now bursting with fun and gorgeous entertainment.

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Emmeline Aprons- Sister Style!

Have I expressed how much I love my sis, Shannon? Well, I'm obsessed with her. Shannon and her son came out to visit us in St Louis, and it's been such an amazing week! I wanted to thank her for coming to see us, so I decided to make her an apron to wear while she's whipping up all those out-of-this-world cakes she makes.

I used this pattern from Sew Liberated. It's double sided! A two-fer! I appliqued a little "E" on Shanny's.