Shopping Bag Holder- Tutorial

My friend made so much fun of me when she saw that I was making this, because she's constantly teasing me about how I "obsess" over these stinkin plastic grocery bags trying to take over my life! Even though I remember to bring my reusable grocery bags probably 8 times out of 10 (isn't that so "green" of me?), I still feel like I'm drowning in them. So, an effort to not let these little puppies get out of hand, I have always taken like 3 seconds to roll each one nice and tightly, before stuffing them into my overflowing tote bag.

How does she know I do this?.......

So it's like this- In my church, there are a billion little babies. Consequently, a billion stinky diapers at the end of the 3 hour block. That makes for one rancid smelling "mothers' lounge." So a few of us have been "donating" our grocery bags to the lounge, in hopes that moms will first wrap up their kids' stinky diapers before placing them in the pail of horror.

One night, some friends and I were together chatting, and we somehow got on the topic of that smelly mothers' lounge, and how the smell was improving. After many stinky diaper related comments, my friend exclaimed, "Who is the world is bringing those grocery bags?"

Just before I could proudly raise my hand as the girl who saved our olfactories, she continues, "Because whoever it is, needs to get a grip! Each bag was rolled up all tight and neat. Who has time for that?!"

As I hesitated for a second, wondering if I was going to own up to this said "odd" behavior, I realized that, YES! I'm an organizational freak who takes the time to roll up my bags. As a result, I don't have to get spittin mad each time I try to pull out a bag with one hand, and instead, a tangled mess of 46 bags comes falling out onto the floor! Nope! When I want one bag, I get one bag! It's rather freeing, really.

And that's what I proclaimed (in somewhat similar words).

So, now I'm taking it one step further, with an even better way to organize those cursed bags. My grandma had one of these when I was growing up, and I found an amazingly simple tutorial at Make It Love It!

Great way to get rid of some scrap fabric, and also make our lives just a tiny bit simpler. :)

Thanks for all the grief, Ann...


May Card Event

Look at these lovely little cards from this month's Card Club! We're finishing our 4-month theme explosion of baby, thank you, wedding, and happy birthday.

Simply lovely ladies! I'm thoroughly impressed, as always.