Card Club!

We started a card club, almost 2 years ago, where we meet every month and exchange handmade cards. I've seen some super classy and fun cards during this time, and so I thought I'd better document these! I'll be posting pics of all the goodies after each "meeting," but until then, here are just some of the cards we've seen...

Great work, ladies!


Celebrate the BOY!

Alright. Do you moms of boys ever feel frustrated that bloggy land crafts are comprised mostly of Tu-Tus and hair bows? Well, here's an event for you! Just head over to MADE this month. They are doing a month long event called, CELEBRATE THE BOY. It's so great! There are lots of fun prizes and give-aways along with a ton of cute and studly items you can create for your little guy.
I love it! I hope you do too. Enjoy!


Luck 'O The Irish

Since moving to Dogtown, in St Louis, I've truly begun to embrace my Irish heritage. My great great grandfather came to the United States from Ireland after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and was among the first in the settlement party to settle Parowan, Utah. This cute little valley is absolutely gorgeous, and packed with 2,500 of the friendliest and most patriotic people you'll ever meet! You can still pick up on the Irish accents and colloquialisms that define our little town.

So, I'm counting down the days till St Patty's day (as is everyone else in the neighborhood) and adorning my home in green. Here's the first sneak peek!

Our mom made these for us! She painted the blocks beige, then cut and inked square scrapbook paper. Mod Podged them to blocks, then also mod podged Cricut letters with inked edges for the antiqued look!

I linked up with some of these fun linky parties this week!