Crazy For Spray Paint!

Couch covers. It all began with couch covers! Little did Sarah know, that when she gave me her couch covers as she was packing up to move to Denver, that she was commencing a home decor revolution in our little 2-family flat here in St Louis! Now, perhaps "revolution" is a tad dramatic, since we are renting and because of a minuscule decor budget. But, it's almost more exciting creating a "new" accent piece for the mere cost of spray paint!

That's right! My home decor is Americana, no more! Not sure what it's evolving into, but I'm liking it's eclectic transformation.



This next little goodie entered my life while I was helping another friend, Natalie, pack up to move to Ohio (I'm beginning to develop abandonment issues)!



A mason jar sprayed yellow! Don't you love my new little Anthropologie bowls? Mmmmm, I do.

I had a student once whose nickname was "Spray." As his name denotes, he also liked spray paint; but it turns out he appreciated it's inhalant affects more than it's power to revolutionize one's decor. Hopefully I don't inherit that nickname!


July Card Event

We decided on a Congratulations theme for this month. Really pretty cards, girls!

The card I made is the one with the 6 repeating cylinder shapes (top pic). That was done with my Cricut, using the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. I love that cartridge- I've had it for 3 years now, and I always find a ton of uses for it!