Too Too Cute Tutu!

My cute sister-in-law made the Little Lady one of these for Christmas, and she's totally in love! I passed on the love and made one for a good friend's new baby, Kate.

Here's a tutorial where you can get the main idea of how to make one. It's the easiest thing you'll ever make, it just takes a LOT of tule. So pretty! I like getting tule from the bolt and just cutting 6" wide strips, and this girl's tutorial shows by the spool. Either way, you end up with a gorgeous and fun tutu!

Somewhat Simple


Doily Tank

The Little Lady totally joined the doily revolution!
She's definitely the hipster in the family. She and I had such a fun time painting this doily fluorescent pink with fabric paint, then gluing it to the tank top (great for covering up stains, might I add). I sewed it into place in several spots just for reinforcement. Doesn't a cute little bandana skirt just really pull it all together? :)


Bandana Dress

Aren't all tiny things just adorable? Well, think of a super fluffy skirt made of nothing but a little bandana! That's what we have here. A dress made from a bandana! I love sewing with bandanas because you don't have to mess with any unfinished edges, and they're the perfect size for a 12-18 month old skirt (call me lazy, go ahead).

So, I got this little ribbed tank from WalMart, and the first time the little lady wore it, it got a snag along the bottom. So, to cover up the hole, I grabbed a bandana from my stash (a stash that I've hoarded since my high school days when it was the cool thing on my basketball team to wear it like a doo-rag), and sewed it to the bottom of this tank! Here, you'll see another version of this bandana dress.
Step 1: You just take one bandana, cut directly in half, then sew two short ends together to make one long rectangle.

Step 2: Sew a basting stitch on one long side of the rectangle, and gather the bobbin thread to gather the skirt/bandana. Gather until it's the same length as the circumference of the bottom of your tank top.

Step 3: Pin and sew skirt and tank top, right sides facing, all the way around the bottom of the tank. Finish by sewing up the side of the skirt to close gap.
Flip right sides out, and voila! You have a super cute, and easy play dress.