For my little guy's friends Christmas gifts, we are making snoapballs. They are so easy and fun to make. Here's what you do...

Get some bars of Ivory soap, a cheese grater, and a bowl.

Grate the soap into the bowl.

Put about 1 cup of water into a small bowl.

Place a small handfull of grated soap into your hand and add a few sprinkles of water.
Pack the soap into your hand like you would do with a snowball. Continue to add soap shreds and water until the snoapball is the desired size. Be sure to pack as you go. The ball should not crumble in your hand. If it does, add more water and pack again.

Place the finished snoapballs on a cookie sheet to dry. When they are dry, you can place one in a cellophane bag with a cute little tag and ribbon tied around it. WALA! Done.