Creepy Crawly Candy Containers

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year so I love decorating for it. I needed a candy jar to display the cute and colorful candy corns. Do you like what I came up with?

I bought everything at Walmart. The entire project cost about $3.50.
I love the jars they sell at Wally so I grabbed one. I also bought google eyes, felt, pipe cleaners, ribbon, and of course, the CANDY!

First, I cut a oval out of the black felt.
Next, I hot glued a black pipe cleaner around the oval to make the spider look furry.
Then, I cut 2 pipe cleaners in half and shaped them to be the spider legs. I glued the legs to the back of the felt with hot glue.
After that, I hot glued on the eyes.
Once the spider was ready, I hot glued the entire spider to the jar.
I finished by embellishing the jar with the cute ribbon.
I love it!

Creepy Cookies

I love decorating cookies for the different holidays. Fortunately, I had lots of time today to do just that! Which one is your favorite?