Toddler Schedule

I've been feeling like my daughter is old enough to understand and anticipate events in her day, so I made this daily schedule for her. It's a magnet board that Shannon got while in college, then passed it on to me when I went to college! Ha!
My daughter can easily place and remove the event cards as we advance through the day.

On the back, I can store the extra cards that don't apply for the day.

It's made from a Word document- print, cut, laminate! Then I used those adhesive magnets on the back. :) My little lady really seems to like it.


  1. your organization has reached new heights, I think! Isaac would probably love this too. But he would probably pull them all off and switch it to zoo all day every day!

  2. Linc's day seems to run much more smoothly when he can see what comes next in the plan for the day. It also helps me to make sure that I schedule time to play with him and do mother/son things. I love the schedule. :)