Happy Birthday David!

My hubs recently reached an important and memorable age. He turned 30! I wanted to surprise him by making a cake for him. Here's what I came up with.

All you need is
  • a round cake pan
  • 1 cake mix
  • black fondant
  • yellow fondant
  • orange fondant
  • circle cookie cutters - different sizes
  • number cookie cutters if desired
  • letter cookie cutters if desired
I baked and iced the cake with buttercream icing. I saved some buttercream and dyed it black to outline the center circle. I set the black icing aside for later use.
Next, I rolled out the black fondant and placed it on the cake.
I then rolled out the colors and cut out David's name. I placed the letters on the cake and then followed with the circles and numbers.
Last, I outlined the center circle with black buttercream to make it POP! So fun, and easy!

I linked up to CraftOManiac. Check out more fun craft ideas there.


  1. Love that cake, circles get me every time! ;-)

  2. If you ever want a tastier alternative to fondant, try using marzipan, an almond candy dough. My family LOVES it.