Craft Night- *Luscious Wreath*

You've probably seen these wreaths all over by now. When something like this becomes so big, it's clear that it's stinkin amazing! I told my friends about how I just HAD to make one. They immediately discouraged my doing so, which was so weird! I found out a couple days later at a little birthday party they did for me that they had already bought the supplies for us to make them at the party! Such sneaky little girls. :)

There are a few tutorials out there, and I really like this one from The Idea Room.

Here's Sarah's, after just a few minutes of pinning... so much excitement!

Such sweet friends!

Just luscious...


  1. This post is hilarious! "They immediately persuaded me from trying..." Really cute wreath, and it sounds like it went pretty fast! :-)

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