Chalkboard "Welcome" Board

I'm a teacher, but you'd never guess by my yucky chalkboard penmanship! But I love this sign because I'll be able to change it for each holiday and event happening. How many times have I been hosting a shower or meeting, and had someone knocking and knocking on the door without my hearing it!? I'm stoked about this quick and easy piece!

All I used was:

one fat quarter
one rectangular board (mine came from the picture slot of a wood frame from JoAnn's)
thread and machine
chalkboard paint

Step 1: Cut fabric into five 1 and 3/4 inch strips. Then sew each strip to the next to make one long strip. Press, and finish all edges.

Step 2: Baste (or stitch a long stitch) down the middle of the strip. Take the bottom thread, and pull it to gather fabric into a ruffle.
Place it around the border of the chalkboard and decide how tight to pull the ruffles. Attach the ruffles with hot glue, and you're ready!
Hot glue the ribbon to the back of frame, and you're set!

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