More Father's Day Crafts

Here are some more things we did today for Father's Day gifts.

I went to Wally the other day and bought a $5 hammer with a wooden handle. I sanded it and let the boy go to town with paint. When he was finished, we sprayed it with clear glaze. It was fun. This is NOT the hammer we painted. I don't have a pic of ours, but it definitely does not look this orderly. It's cute though.

We also had the kids run around in the yard with a blank poster board. We took pictures of them posing. Next, we loaded the pics in Photoshop and added text boxes to make this cute collage for the dads.

I have had these containers laying around for a while. I had Linc paint some paper and I glued it to the container. I am going to make cookies and fill the containers to give the dads on Sunday.

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