I Love My Dad Shirt

My friend, Becky of randomactsofobsession, and I were talking about Father's Day and what we are going to do for our hubbies. At first, we didn't have any ideas of what the kiddies could give to the dads. Next, we started brainstorming and came up with TONS of ideas. Probably too many ideas to be honest... Anyway, I decided to jump right into it and get going on the first gift.

We thought it would be fun to have the kids wear a shirt on Sunday that expresses their love for their daddy.

I went to the computer and printed on one sheet of paper, the words "I, my" and "dad." I used a big, bolded, blocky font.

Next, I got out the razor and rotary mat and cut out the letters. I didn't worry too much about the lines being perfect and such, cuz I am a little bit of an IMperfectionist. I like a little character to my creations.

Next, I got out a plain white shirt,

and a cake pan cover. It fits inside the shirt to keep the pain from seeping through the fabric onto the back.

Next, I pinned the stencils to the shirt. The word, "dad" had some pieces inside the letters that needed to be included. This is how I did that. Sorry, this is confusing. I am even starting to confuse myself!

Next, I got out my sponge brush and some paint colors and went to town. I softly dabbed the paint onto the cut out of the letters pinned to the fabric. Confusing again... Hopefully the pics provide enough illustration.

After the paint dried a bit, I carefully took off the paper. I am glad I am not patient enough to wait for the paint to completely dry because I think the paper would have stuck to the shirt in some parts.
The DAD word is kinda messy, I like the flaws....
Next, I made this little heart out of felt. I stitched around the top layer to secure it to the back one.
Last, I sewed the back layer to the shirt. Here is the final product.

If I were to do it again, I would place my letters closer to the top of the shirt, but whatev.... Lesson learned. I hope some of you try this one. It's fast and fun!

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