Halloween Wreath

 I am on a wreath kick.  I love them...I want them...I NEED them...
So I decided I would make my own Halloween wreath.
All you need is:
a wreath frame,
black satin ribbon,
funky Halloween color ribbon.

First, wrap the black satin ribbon around the wreath frame.  Don't underestimate how much ribbon this takes.  I used about 20 yards.

Next, take all your fun colors and cut them in pieces about 6 inches long.  I would cut one first and tie it around the wreath to make sure it's the length you want before cutting all the ribbon.

Then tie the ribbon in knots all the way around the frame.  You don't have to go in an order or follow a pattern.  I just used whatever piece of ribbon I though would look good.

And.... ta-da!  You get a funky little wreath perfect for greeting those little trick-or-treaters!


  1. So pretty Shannon! I love all the fun colors you chose. Great job!

  2. Very original! Love how it turned out. Your trick or treaters will be very impressed. I am a new follower from Blue Cricket Design. Vicky @ www.messforless.net

  3. Cute, cute! I am super addicted to wreaths as well!