Celebrate the BOY!

Alright. Do you moms of boys ever feel frustrated that bloggy land crafts are comprised mostly of Tu-Tus and hair bows? Well, here's an event for you! Just head over to MADE this month. They are doing a month long event called, CELEBRATE THE BOY. It's so great! There are lots of fun prizes and give-aways along with a ton of cute and studly items you can create for your little guy.
I love it! I hope you do too. Enjoy!


  1. I love these! My little girl is actually in the market for a superhero cape, so these would go great with it!

  2. I know, right Marek? I'm totally loving these too.

  3. This makes me SOOO happy. I'm always sad when I see hair bows and butt ruffles...where's the boy-love?!?