Pom Pom Wreath- Tutorial

This is a super cute and fun wreath you can make from any type of wreath form! It's completely covered in these pom poms. I am already imagining how cute a white winter one will be!...

  • Yarn, in as many colors as you'd like (I used 5)
  • Scissors
  • Wreath form (fun if you rehab a tired wreath)
Step 1: Wrap yarn around 4 fingers. I used about 7 yards of yarn, and spread my fingers, as pictured below. Use more yarn for thicker pom poms, and spread fingers more for longer strands.

Step 2: After wrapping around fingers, pinch yarn in the middle, and place it on separate piece of yarn, which is about 8" long.

Step 3: Tie 8"yarn in knot around wrapped yarn. Leave 8" yarn pieces long.

Step 4: Snip loops on either side of knot.

Step 5: Fluff pom pom! It should look like this (sorry I switched colors).

Step 6: After you have several pom poms (I made 8-9 of each color, except for brown which I wanted only 4), begin tying them where you want them on your wreath, using the 8" strands of yarn.

Step 7: Trim all the long pieces, and enjoy!

I'm happy with it, and it only took a couple hours of yarn work during a movie. :)

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  1. How fun is this! I love your wreath idea, Tori and am lovin' the white pom-poms for Christmas wreath idea! Thanks for sharing!