Canvas Mail Sorter!

Nothing sends my heart into spasms like Office Depot, and the Rubbermaid aisle at Walmart. I LOVE organizing!

It's a mail sorter! Custom with the sections labeled just as I need them. Exhilarating, isn't it?!

Here is a detailed tutorial from Bright and Blithe:

Materials:unbleached cotton fabric (I, Tori, used canvas. It stretches less...)
coordinating thread
1/2″ wide elastic or ribbon (depending on where you’re hanging it)
off-white cardstock
Steps:1. From your fabric, cut a rectangular panel measuring 27.75″ by 16.5″ (or whatever dimensions you deem appropriate depending on your needs).
2. On each of the long sides, fold in the edge about 1″ and press flat.
3. Top stitch both folds closed using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
4. Determine which side you want to be “the front”, and top stitch a second time 1/4″ below the first line of stitching. (See the image if you’re confused.)
5. Fold the panel in half, lengthwise, right sides facing, and stitch up the sides. (1/4″ seam allowance again)
6. Now it’s time to add the pockets. I chose the size of mine based on the widest piece of mail that we receive on a regular basis. Using a straightedge, simply pencil in a faint line from the top to the bottom of the front panel to show you where to stitch in your dividers. This makes it easier to sew in a straight line and you can’t see the pencil mark after you sew over it.
7. Stitch in your dividers, following your pencil line, beginning at the bottom and stopping when you reach the lower top stitch line. (Again, refer to the image if I lost you.)

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