Elegant Earring Frame

These earring frames were birthday gifts for my 3 sisters/sisters-in-law, whose birthdays are in November, December, and January. I LOVE sisters!
This cute frame helps you keep track of and even display your beautiful dangly earrings. My earring drawer in my jewelry box is rapidly morphing into a black hole, so I plan on making one of these babies for myself, STAT!

If you're interested in making one, here's what you do: Get a picture frame (I got mine from Hobby Lobby), paint it, then cut some webbing found in the stitching section at Hobby Lobby to fit into the window part of the frame. After making and hot gluing the flowers to the frame, hot glue the webbing to the back of the frame.

My mom collects vintage buttons, so she donated several to the cause. I love how they turned out!

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  1. I love these frames, too. But be careful about never hanging sterling silver or it will tarnish in the air super fast. I keep all my jewelry sealed up in ziploc bags. If things are already tarnished you can get a jewelry polishing cloth and make even cheap metal look so much newer and brighter!