"Family" Blocks with Tutorial

We made these letters for a Super Saturday, and I LOVE them! There really are so many options for these. My good friend, Amy, saw these somewhere, and figured out all the measurements. They're just 2x4s and 2x6s cut into different widths and heights, then using a Cricut, I cut out each letter with the following cartridges: Winter Wonderland, Plantin Schoolbook, George and Basic Shapes, Jasmine, and Wild Card. Mod Podge some of your favorite paper on the blocks, let that dry, then Mod Podge the letters on top (see detailed instructions below)!

Supplies used:
  • one each of 2x4 and 2x6 board
  • saw (we used a chop saw)
  • patterned paper of choice (for background)
  • solid paper of choice (for letters)
  • Cricut and cartridges
  • Mod Podge and sponge brushes
  • Black acrylic paint
  • embellishments of choice
Adding ribbons and embellishments really finishes off the set beautifully. {I forgot to take a pic of the above blocks with the brown ribbon and embellishments}

A super fun and classy looking home decor piece!

Here's the cut list for the wood:
  • "F"- 2 x 6 board cut 6.25" high
  • "A"- 2 x 6 board cut 4.25" high, then cut in half, vertically (half the width of a 2 x 6)
  • "M"- 2 x 4 board cut 5.25" high
  • "I"- 2 x 6 board cut 6.5" high, then cut in half, vertically (half the width of a 2 x 6)
  • "L"- 2 x 4 board cut 4.25" high
  • "Y"- 2 x 4 board cut 6.25" high
Step 1:
Measure out all the measurements for 2x4 and 2x6. Cut. Be sure to measure again after each cut, as the saw takes a bit off each time you cut.

Step 2:
After cutting all 6 blocks, sand smooth and prepare for painting.

Step 3:
Paint all 6 sides of each block. Decide which side you want to be the "face" of the block, and you can just paint the outsides of that face (the part that will show around the patterned paper). Let sit to dry completely (about 2 hrs.)

Step 4:
While paint is drying, cut paper to fit the blocks. Decide how much of the black wood you want to show as a border on the "face" of your blocks. It's up to you.

Step 5:
After paint has dried, paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the "face" of the block. Quickly lay the corresponding paper onto the layer of Mod Podge, and set straight and flat onto block. Take a credit card or a ruler and slowly and firmly scrape over the paper to flatten any air bubbles and evenly distribute the Mod Podge. Do the same to all blocks.

Step 6:
Prepare to glue the letters on! Do same as in step 5, where you paint a layer of Mod Podge to prep surface of paper (don't worry, the Mod Podge dries clear, so just paint in even strokes the same direction, and it'll look beautiful). Place corresponding letter on block, align, and the press onto prepped patterned paper using your fingertips or a pen cap (or something like that). After the letter is pressed down, and set (about 2 mins), layer one final coat of Mod Podge onto the face of the block. Repeat for all blocks.

Step 7:
Add embellishments with hot glue gun, and presto! It's done, and oh so classy!


  1. Shan! You are so talented! These are super cute. I did something similar...instead of using wood blocks, I used different sized picture frames. I spelled out "family", one letter per picture frame and then hung them from a curtain rod with ribbon. I sure love your crafty blog with all the fun ideas you post! :)

  2. Tori I love these. I would love to do this for Eliana's name. Can you send me the directions?

  3. Jan, I reposted with directions. :) That will be adorable with little Eliana's name! You have to send me a picture...

  4. Thanks Tori. Did you always have the directions on there or just posted them? If you already did then I am sorry and must have lost my mind that day. I will post when I get it done. I might have to modify it a little because of lack of a chop saw and a cricut. Plus the size. I will figure it out though. :) Thanks!!