Pom Pom Christmas Tree Skirt!

For the past 6 Christmases, my tree skirt has been the skirt we had under our tree growing up. It was a salmonish-red, and featured a charming little Christmas scene with Panda Bears dancing around a Tree wearing dresses. So cute, right? So why would I decide to retire the pandas? Well, it was just time.

I have always been a HUGE fan of pom pom trim, and it seemed so fun and classic Christmas to me! So, I grabbed about 3 yards of it, and one yard of 44" fabric. I traced a friend's tree skirt, and pinned, and sewed right sides together, being super cautious to get the trim straight. Adding batting to the inside and some quilting stitches would be another option, just depending on the look you want.

With the slit down the "back" of the skirt, I just added velcro to three parts for a closure.

I'm so happy with it! It's subtle, as a tree skirt should be, but very rich and fun!

Now, to add more presents...
Merry Christmas!

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