Springtime Wreath - Price: FREE!

My front door needed some love, so I made THIS!

This springtime wreath was made completely out of stuff I already had at home. I got a wire hanger and shaped it into a circle. Next, I cut a bunch of strips of fabric, pink burlap and felt I had laying around. The strips were about 5 inches long. I just tied them in knots all around the hanger. Last, I tied on the ribbon for hanging and some rick-rack for a little extra whimsy. So easy and SO cheap. Enjoy!

By the way, if you want to hang a wreath on your door without using a wreath hanger or putting a nail in your door, you should try these adhesive hooks. They are fab! Did everyone on earth already know these existed? I am a little behind the times.


  1. Cute and free way to go!!! that command hook the one on the left is exactly what I use to hand my wreaths. p.s. DID YOU SEE THAT I featured you on my blog? have a good night! JGG

  2. p.s. thrilled to see that you used that pink burlap! wink wink